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3 states in one day


Hi all, my new Orleans night out went amazing well such good fun. We all had an amazing meal at the hard rock cafe on bourbon street. And then some people went to a jazz concert. I stayed with the bar hopping group on bourbon street. The cocktails here are very strong so I on a limit of one a night with the occasional dry night. We all walked back to hotel together. I really did like new Orleans would definitely go back again. But it's been struck off my list for places to live. Early start this morning 9 hours on the coach going through Louisiana , Alabama and florida. We stopped off at the USS Alabama just outside Mobile Alabama . Was amazing. We got into panama city beach a few hours ago. The beach is amazing white sands room overlooking the beach warm sea pool with a bar and waterfall. We are going out tonight to a German restaurant. Got to get ready as meeting everyone soon . Will update everyone soon.

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new Orleans

Meeting the group

29 °C

Hi all I woke up really early this morning excited to meet my new group. Went down and the briefing had already started. Oops well it did say 9.30 am. They group is mostly girls Australian and New Zealanders of the ones I met. All very nice and we all hit it off straight away. We spent the morning doing a very hurried walking tour of new Orleans and dying from full on blare of the Sun. Returned back to hotel at 2 pm to have a siesta and a long cold shower . Then went back out at 4 pm when it got less hot. I wandered through the casino had to put a dollar in the slot machine second spin I won. A grand total if four dollars. I then took a street car to the cemeteries it was a long ride but a good way to see new Orleans . We all going to hard rock cafe on bourbon street tonight for dinner. Then onto the bars. Luckily there going to be a big group so safety in numbers. Last night I saw a big police presence around and everyone so friendly. I have to get ready for night out tonight so got to go. Tommorrow early morning panama city via mobile Alabama. About 8 hours on the bus . Will update once I arrived in panama city beach.Goodnight from new Orleans.

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arrived in new Orleans

New Orleans

semi-overcast 29 °C

Hi all I am in new Orleans only been here for a few hours. But I tried to get into this famous cafe for dinner. I got sat at the bar to wait for a table had a nice cocktail. As they didn't have a table for one. Half an hour later I was still there. So I left and went somewhere else. It was really disappointing as I had been really looking forward to going there. I won't be going back there again. I am looking forward to meeting everyone on the tour tomorrow. Anyway git to get some sleep. Hopefully have a better experience tommorrow.

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yeah have arrived in the USA



Hi everyone. From the windy city of Chicago . At the moment not very windy . I arrived yesterday . Was met at the airport. My flight went smoothly.was taken on a car tour of downtown Chicago. The avenue were amazing. Just like five avenue in new York but less busy. I looked up from the car roof and all you can see is high sky scrapers. We went past the Illinois river I think that's what's it's called its runs through Chicago, the bridge was up to let in a boat. We also went past the United center where the Chicago bulls play. Unfortunately Adam Michael Jordan has retired however we did go past a Michael Jordan steak house. Then we had dinner in a Mexican place. It was yum. But still getting used to the portions sizes here which are big. Must remember to order quarter of a appetizer. Otherwise the weight will pile on. No plans for this morning. Might get L train to o hare airport. Next stop Chicago seems amazing I wish I had more time to spend here. Next stop New Orleans.

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nervous excitment

Nervous excitment

semi-overcast 16 °C

I have to admit that I am slightly nervous about this trip. But I am sure it will all be fine. Not even I can overpack with a luggage allowance of 23 kg. I am already dreaming of shopping in Old Navy. Seen that there are going to be a lot of t storm's around where I am going. Reconsidering packing coat and a pack of cards.

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