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Old town savannah

Hi all, from Savannah, georgia. Savannah is charming lots of squares with tree and overhanging Spanish moss. Mixed with all the southern charm. We got to see where they filmed forest Gump. Whilst doing a walking tour if Savannah and the tour guide was amazing telling us all scary ghost stories. Savannah is the most haunted city in the USA. Some girls are doing a ghost tour. Not me too scary. I Will have to settle for southern cocktails instead.

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Ksc to st augustine florida

From space to pirate town

Hi all, from Kennedy space center. (K.S.C). It is amazing here there many interactive rides to do. I even git to sit in rocket bit that goes into space and got to a simulator of a shuttle launch narrated by Jim Lovell the astronaut in Apollo 13 and Apollo 08. We then went onto st Augustine which looks like town of the pirates if the Caribbean. Such a pretty town on the coast and amazing bars.

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cocoa beach

Cocoa beach florida

Hi all.
I left Miami after only 1 day there. It was lovely but just too hot. I hung out at the pool and swam in the sea. The beaches were gorgeous and I almost bumped into a jelly fish whilst swimming. I have now just arrived in cocoa beach it located on a strip if land overlooking the Atlantic. We are a 2 min walk from the beach. Tonight we having a B.B.Q by the pool. I am just off to explore and hopefully have a late fish lunch overlooking the Atlantic.

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orlando univeral

Theme park ,heat and pool party

sunny 30 °C

Hi all, I have reached orlando. Our first night we met up with another group doing the same tour in the opposite direction. We had a pizza pool party and watched the lightning over head. It was great. We all swapped stories. Next day was universal theme park the rides were amazing especially harry potter world. It was very hit and humid by 4 in the afternoon we all ended up in a bar drinking frozen margaritas. By the time we went home at 6 we were all very merry. I saw this amazing animal actor show with trained animals from the movie's. It was amazing. That ending we all kind if of collapsed into the pool. I actually thought I was going to die from heat exhaustion. I spent a quiet evening drinking a lot of water. My WIFI connection was bad in Orlando so I am actually posting this from Miami. We have just arrived about half an hour ago. We having an eArly dinner tonight. As we are going yo an American football game Miami dolphins v Dallas cowboys. Go Miami. Can't wait. Got to go and get ready. I git bitten on my arm and Palm of my hand must remember to put jico on.

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panama city to orlando

Swimming, disney and lightening.

storm 18 °C

Hi all, I arrived in Kissimmee orlando which in near the theme parks. Only been here for a few hours. But we Had a pool party by the pool in the hotel. And met up with another group that we crossed over for a day. So we all had pizza and coke round and in the pool. There was a lighting storm so we Had to get out the pool till the lightning stopped. Tomorrow we are going to universal park/studios . Harry potter world here I come. That's all fir now. Thanks Johnny for posting your comments on my writing I miss you all and JoJo.

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