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final posting fron Uk

Thanks everyone


Thank to everyone who followed my blog and my trip across the USA I had an amazing time and met some met wonderful people. Thanks for all your comments it wad nice to know people were reading my blog. I am back in the UK just about recovered from my jetlag. Unpacking. And so in time planning a new trip. I missed all my friends and family. Thanksgiving following me. Alix signing off.

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new york via Philadelphia

Cheese steaks and New York.


Hi all, the journey to Philadelphia was a long one. The city wad fairly empty as it was a Labour day weekend. We only had 2 hours. I saw the liberty bell. Wandered around Philly and had a part of a Philly Cheese steak in Ginos yum. Next stop New York. The last stop but amazing view of the skyline on the way into new york. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone. Luckily my hostel was only a few blocks away by yellow taxi cab . Hostel was nice 300 rooms massive. Reception gave my a map. Which showed me where the nearest grocery store was was and recommended I stick yo main street. I was in midtown Manhattan so not dangerous . But fairly quiet for new york almost empty streets. But when you looked up all you could see were sky scrapers. Next day made my way to fifth avenue only a few blocks walk away . Took my ages to get there as I kept on stopping to take photos.some women called my over. So asked me whether why I walking that way. I Said what way. " oh is that the way you normally walk , God bless you child"' it was by far the weirdest conversation I had. I quickly moved on. It was weird.I only had a few hours in NYC . So I wandered around had lunch went shopping in Sephora and Barnes and nobles. The shuttle was only an hour to JFK. But the plane was running late so I lot of hanging around. After a long flight I made it back to Heathrow across London and to bristol. Where I ended my epic journey.

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Day in Washington


Hi all, I am writing this a bit late but better late than never. My second day in Washington. And the first day I got a lie in on the tour. Today was metro day . The Washington metro is surprisingly easy to navigate when you gave a map. I went first to the white house well the nearest metro stop was three blocks away. So of course I got ridiculous lost. Luckily I found a nice mother and daughter who pointed me in the right directions. There were the usual throngs if tourist outside the Whitehouse. As well as protesters no war anti nuclear peace to the world as well as Palestinians and Israel protesters. Exactly the type of thing you would find outside downing street. Got some good photos. Next stop DuPont circle a suburb of Washington. Very arty place with a French market that reminded me of Narbourne . Samples of peaches and cheese fresh lemonade. Amazing. I then went to eastern market which where I tour guide Camden came from. Another market but this time indoor thank God air conditioning. I had lunch in a French cafe. I then went to a local mall in China town. Found it very disappointing. And rather scared as there were a lot of gangs around and homeless people and unusually fir Dc no police presence. So I headed back to the metro fairly quickly and back home. It was quite quick turn around met some of the guys on my tour at the hotel. Unfortunately managed to get my arm caught in the hotel door. Painful but only bruised. By the time we went out fir last meal together in georgetown. It was raining with thunder hot rain. Some of us left the restaurant yo find this famous cupcake shop . Two blocks later we found it but it wad closed. We were all very wet . I went back to find another cup cake shop but it wad just closing. By the time I got back to the restaurant i was soaked. That evening was the last on tour so we spent a lot of time in the hotel bar. Signing white t shirts and drinking chocolate martinis. Yum. By midnight I wad done and had to repack my bag.

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raleigh to DC

Nations capitol.

Hi all unfortunately we didn't see anything of Raleigh as are hotel far to the north. The drive to Washington Dc was the longest we have had. But we did stop in Richmond, Virginia. It was beautiful and we went through the V.D.U. Virginia district university and saw the fraternity and society houses. It was so clean and interesting. We drove past Langley Virginia it's either F.B.I or C.I.A headquarters. We finally got to Dc. Had dinner and got back on the bus to do a three hour bus tour dc sunset/ night tour. We picked up a tour guide named Camden a women who studied history in UCL london. and now is a professional historian. She write books and give tours and lectures on Us history. The tour was half bus half walking. So we saw capitol hill, white house, washington monument and the statue of Abraham Lincoln and the reflection pool and others. The security presence he is impressive. We were warned not walk on wall or certain steps not to touch anything and no swimming in the reflection pool. That was my first thought.it was allowed in forest Gump. Moving onto to the next day (today). We got up early this morning to go to see Arlington national cemetery. It was amazing for pictures but possibly the most depressing place to be eArly on a Saturday. We went from there to the national mall. To see all the Smithsonian museums. There are multiple of them. I got really into the natural history museum. Especially the floor to do with the sea. It was incredible. I then went onto national art museum., national archives , Hirshorn museum and sculpture garden. And about three other museums. I didn't get to see the national air and space museum as it was too busy.tommorrow as its a Sunday most of the museum are shut. So I a fairly leisurely day planned visiting some of other popular parts Of Dc I will be tackling the metro. Wish me luck. Tonight we are going out to Adams Morgan a popular part of dc fir the students. Then hitting the bars. Will update e everyone tommorrow.

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Charleston to raleigh

Civil war and southern charm

Hi all. Thanks for all you comments. Savannah was awesome and will he missed a lot. The next morning we headed for Charleston south Carolina. We were only here for an hour but it too had its churches a lot of them from all denominations. It's millionaire row where the price fir a house was 2 millions plus. They were huge houses with columns and verandah. Most of them still in the original family. All the way through both savannah and Charleston was heavy in civil war history. It was fascinating.

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